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ESU-2400 Comparison Chart

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BC Biomedical
BC Biomedical
Fluke Biomedical
Measurement Accuracy 1% 1% 2% + 10 mA 5% +2 mA The ESU-2400 provides maximum accuracy.
Low Range Accuracy
Example at 250 mA
1% 1% 6% 5.8% Completive units fail to maintain accuracy while measuring lower currents.
Current Current Current Voltage Current measurement is included in some Manufacturer Specifications.
7000 mA 7000 mA 8000 mA 2200 mA Some generators like the ForceTriad™ require a measurement range of 5500 mA for calibration. The QA-ES cannot do this.
Load Resistance 0-6400 Ω
1 Ω Steps
External 0-5115 Ω
5 Ω steps
10-5200 Ω
25 or 100 Ω steps
The ESU-2400 has more range and resolution.
Tissue Response Testing Special Peak
Current Mode
Special Peak
Current Mode
Not Available Not Available The ESU-2400’s advanced features allow for new test modes, such as Tissue Response Simulation testing.
Crest Factor Higher is Better 500 500 20 16 DFA Technology makes the ESU-2400 and ESU-2050P the most capable measurement devices in the field.
REM/CQM/ARM Testing 1 Ω steps 1 Ω steps w/ CQM-2000 1 Ω Steps 25/100 Ω Steps The ESU-2400 has better resolution for REM/CQM/ARM Testing.
REM/CQM/ARM Testing 1% + 0.5 Ω 0.5% + 0.5 Ω
5% + 2 Ω Not Available REM/CQM/ARM Testing is a critical safety test for ESU Generators. High accuracy testing helps to ensure patient safety.
Pulsed Mode Measurement Included Included Not Available Not Available Many generators, such as the Conmed 5000, use a pulsed output waveform. The ESU-2400 and 2050P are the only choice for measuring this output.
DUT Communication Included Not Available Not Available Not Available The ESU-2400 communicates with a DUT, enhancing auto-sequences with full automation.
Automated PM procedure for ForceTriad™
101 steps
Included Not Available Not Available Not Available The Automated PM configures the output mode, power level, triggers the generator and validates the generator output. This significantly reduces the time required to perform the PM procedure.
USB 3 Ports Storage Input Devices Communication 1 Port Communication 2 Ports
Input Devices Communication
None USB Ports are provided for communications, storage and input devices such as a keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner.



Note: Items in Red are features and capabilities that are inferior to those of the ESU-2400
Note: Table based on published user manual specifications as of 8/13/2014



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