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MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover



U.S. Government Purchasing Card



Cash on Delivery (Cashier's Check Only)



Cash/Payment in Advance

Net 30 Day Terms


Please contact one of our sales team members if you’re interested in this program

Purchase Orders


Accepted from those with approved credit. (Must be made out to St.Charles office only, payment terms listed as Net 30, FOB = origin, list method of shipment if different from our standard FedEx ground shipping)


Wire Transfer

Electronic Payment ($50 USD additional bank charge added to total amount.)


Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is provided at no charge. If a Certificate of Origin is needed with Commerce Department Certification, there will be a $100 USD additional charge added to total amount.

Letter of Credit

We accept Letters of Credit (LC's) from approved banks and financial institutions, subject to the approval of our bank. The minimum charge for processing a Letter of Credit is $ 300. Actual charges are subject to sales amount and other bank charges incurred at our end. Please inquire regarding further details on ordering with a Letter of Credit.


Handling Fee for Third Party Shipping account usage


Effective, April 18, 2011, BC Group instituted a $20 handling fee for all packages shipped when using a customer’s shipping account number.

Blanket Purchase Order


A BPO for a year or more saves time and administrative costs for your organization



Capital equipment w/o the up-front cash out lay while enjoying tax benefits and off-balance-sheet financing


Major Account Programs


Special incentives and support for larger customers, covering both product purchases and test equipment service! We can custom-design a program for you, covering everything from “new hire” test equipment/tool assortments to complete management of your calibration program.  If you’re a large ISO, a manufacturer or have multiple sites, be sure to inquire!

Faxed-in Orders


Upon completing our faxable order form, located at, feel free to fax it to us at 1-314-638-3200 to ensure prompt processing.


Minimum Order


Minimum $50 order  for Domestic orders and $250  for International orders placed with BC Group.  


Customer Satisfaction and Feedback


We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. Your feedback is very important to us & we take each comment seriously! Many of our improvements have been implemented due to recommendations from customers.

Please contact us any time we fail to meet your expectations!




Prices are subject to change without notice. We try to ensure that prices are up to date as of printing date, but it isn’t always possible. For up-to-date pricing, contact us or visit our web site. All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD); International Pricing can be determined by adding 20% to the item’s listed price. 


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Service Training


$500.00 per day, per person for service training (Does not include transportation, lodging, meals, etc.)




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