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Preorder the New IPA-3400 Infusion Pump Analyzer


Click here to see this product’s page on our webstore.


The IPA-3400 is the newest addition to the line of BC Biomedical test equipment. With its large 7” touch screen display, dual syringe stepper motor driven system and built-in autosequences, the IPA-3400 is the most compact and fully featured four channel analyzer on the market. The IPA-3400 has full touch screen control of all processes, leaving no need for buttons and knobs.


The IPA-3400 Infusion Pump Analyzer also features a new cutting edge, Patent-Pending design that uses a dual syringe stepper motor driven system. This provides continuous monitoring of the fluid flow whereas older technology needs to stop and perform intermittent drains. The IPA-3400 provides a more realistic flow path for the infusion device being tested, as well as more accurate readings. The independent step­per motor control of the custom designed, ceramic valving allows the system to run quietly and smoothly, with a bidirectional powered fluid flow for use in the built in cleaning cycle.


The IPA-3400 has built-in autosequence capabilities that allows the user to perform automated test procedures. Users can run specific test routines specified by various manufacturers, saving time as well as reducing the risk of human error. Advanced features in our autosequences even allows the inclusion of pictures to aid with the setup and configuration of each step. All test results are stored internally in the large, 32 GB memory. Results can also be downloaded to a USB flash drive or directly to a PC.


There are specific requirements in IEC 60601-2-24 for flow readings, back pres­sure simulation, bolus (PCA) measurements and occlusion alarm monitoring. All of these features are specifically built into the IPA-3400 with simple to use on screen selections.


The IPA-3400 is designed to hold up to 4 IPA-3900-FM flow modules. These modules are individually serialized and calibrated so that they may be moved from channel to channel and even unit to unit. Once installed they are recognized by the IPA-3400 and their Serial Number and NIST Traceable Calibration information are presented on the display and utilized in all data reporting.


The interchangeable modules provide the user with unprecedented flexibility in their IPA Testing System. There is no need to be down when the unit is due for calibration. Only the modules need to be calibrated. This also allows the rotating of modules or the use of a spare module, thus providing flexibility not available in other systems. The same is true for service. If there is a problem on one chan­nel, only the module needs to be serviced, eliminating downtime.


The IPA-3400 display may be raised to gain full access to the four user swappable flow mod­ules. No wiring or plumbing is required for mod­ule installation. Simply lift the display, remove the cover plate, loosen the retainer screw and slide the module out. All plumbing and electronics are self-contained and all electrical connections are made via a slide-in mating connector on the end of the module. Then just reverse the process for installation.


The IPA-3400 allows for easy field expansion. You can buy a 1 channel unit and later purchase additional modules that can be added in the field. Just plug them in and the system will automatically recognize the additional module(s), reconfigure itself and you are ready to go.


To preorder or for more information about the IPA-3400, expected to be available Q4 2016, contact BC Group at 1(800)242-8428 or by email at


BC Group Releases the New CONMED System 2450 and 5000 Automatic Autosequence 

Testing with your ESU-2400 Analyzer has gotten even easier! Automatic autosequences are now available for the CONMED System 2450 and System 5000 Generators using the ESU-2400 Series and CONMED Automation Kit.


The CONMED Automation Kit (part number BC20-00133) contains the CONMED Footswitch Cable and CONMED Communications Cable for use with ESU-2400 Series. Using this kit allows users to perform automated testing using the ESU-2400 Series Autosequence function. The CONMED Automation Kit allows the ESU-2400 to remotely configure CONMED System 2450 and System 5000 Electrosurgical Generators and trigger the generator output without user intervention. 


The CONMED Automation Kit is required for the ESU-2400 Series fully automated CONMED PM Autosequence. There is also a manually triggered autosequence for the ConMed System 2450 and 5000 using the ESU-2400 Series and Monopolar Handpiece Simulator.

The CONMED Automation Kit requires an ESU-2400 running Software v1.0.4.0 or later or an ESU-2400H running Software v1.1.6.0 or later.

Download software updates HERE.

Also available to download is the new autosequence for the Valleylab FT10™ Generator. The autosequence is user triggered and requires the Footswitch Port Adapter (BC20-03050). 

Download your free autosequences HERE.


The ESU-2400 Electrosurgical Unit Analyzers also has a new software update, which renews compatibility with the new Covidien ForceTriad™ Software Update 3.8. The new ForceTriad™ Software 3.8 adds compatibility with more accessories. The ForceTriad™ can now automatically detect a wider range of accessories that are plugged into the generator.

When using the ESU-2400, the analyzer reads the software version of the ForceTriad™ and automatically loads the correct autosequence. All users are required to do is press “Start Triad PM” and the analyzer determines the correct software version. Additionally, users can select which autosequence to run. For example, if a user selects the ForceTriad™ 3.5 autosequence but the ForceTriad™ is actually 3.6, the ESU-2400 can detect that and tell the user that they have the wrong autosequence. This includes the new software 3.8 as well.

Download software updates HERE.

An update for the ESU-2400H will be available soon.

For more information about free autosequences, software updates or BC Biomedical Test Equipment, visit our webstore at


Mike Clotfelter and Kristi Boyce (3rd row, 2nd and 3rd from the left) from BC Group International joined other Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society members to have a picture made with the Georgia Governor at the Georgia State Capital. Governor Deal signed a proclamation for Biomed Healthcare Technology week for May 22-28 2016.


Philips Ultrasound Validates BC Group’s Ultrasound Leakage Tester and Probe Adapter


After many months of conducting an exhaustive evaluation of the BC Group’s Ultrasound Leakage Tester and Probe Adapter, Philips Ultrasound has issued the following statement:

“The BC Biomedical ULT-2020 Current Leakage Tester with the ULT-PA-19 Adapter have been validated by Philips Ultrasound for use with the X7-2t, S7-3t, and S8-3t compact connector TEE transducers.”

The testing included the proper fit of the Compact connector TEE transducers into the ULT-PA-19 adapter, the testing function and limits used in the ULT-2020 Leakage Tester. Section 2.2.3B of the IAC Adult Echocardiography Standards for TEE Testing that went into effect on December 31, 2015 states:

“The manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed for the appropriate care and cleansing of the TEE transducer and adhere to the appropriate infectious disease standards to prevent the transmission of disease. Effective December 31, 2015, the structural and electrical integrity of the transducer must be checked between each use, using an ultrasound transducer leakage tester. “Passed” or “Failed” must be documented in the routine TEE probe cleaning / maintenance log along with action taken if “failed.”

BC Group’s ULT product line offers everything you need to comply with the new IAC Standard, including tester, adapters, conductivity probes, soak trays and a printer to document the routine testing.

If you would like more information about the ULT-2020 and ULT-PA-19, please contact us at 1 (800) 242-8428 or by email at If you would like more information about our line of BC Biomedical products, visit our website at

ULT Adapter (19) - Philips/MindrayUltrasound Leakage Tester w/Meter Mode & Logging




Rice Lake Weighing Systems Awards BC Group for Outstanding Sales

BC Group is proud to announce that we have received Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Award for Outstanding Sales Performance in 2015. BC Group and Rice Lake Weighing Systems have been partners for years, with BC Group as a distributor of Rice Lake’s weights and weight sets.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a manufacturer of multiple products, including grip handle and weight sets. Cast iron grip-handle weights are primarily used to test patient scales by service technicians. They come in Class F, 7 and M1 weights

BC Group offers 26 different weights and weight sets from Rice Lake. We also have access to the entire Rice Lake line so if you do not see it on our webstore, you can call or email us. Each of these have an optional NIST Traceable Calibration and etched serial number.

If you would like more information about the Rice Lake weights, please contact us at 1 (800) 242-8428 or by email at If you would like more information about our line of BC Biomedical products, visit our website at




The DA-2006-VL Variable Load Bank Has Received FDA 510(k) Clearance


 The DA-2006-VL Variable Load Box is the newest accessory for the BC Biomedical line of defibrillator analyzers and has just received FDA 510(k) Clearance. It works in conjunction with the DA-2006 and DA-2006P Defibrillator Analyzer as an external load bank. If you already own a DA-2006 or DA-2006P you can update your software for free to be compatible with the DA-2006-VL. The DA-2006-VL is used when testing defibrillators to ensure the proper electrical current is delivered to the heart, per AAMI DF80 and IEC 60601-2-4 standards.  Both AAMI and IEC require defibrillator analyzers to test a variety of impedances, to simulate a wide range of patients. With the DA-2006-VL, the DA-2006/P has test loads from 25-200 ohms and can be measured in 25 ohm increments.

With the DA-2006-VL’s advanced technology, it is automatically recognized by the DA-2006 Series, leaving no settings to change or configure. No other defibrillator analyzer load bank offers this feature.

The DA-2006-VL is only compatible with the BC Biomedical line of defibrillator analyzers. The DA-2006P combined with the DA-2006-VL offers a high quality analyzer at an unbeatable cost.





If you would like more information about the DA-2006-VL, please contact us at 1 (800) 242-8428 or by email at If you would like more information about our line of BC Biomedical products, visit our website at






CONMED PM Kit Provides the Tools for Automated Testing of CONMED System 2450 and 5000


The newest addition to the line of BC Biomedical products is the CONMED PM Kit, a complete set of accessories needed to safely perform preventative maintenance procedures. The CONMED PM Kit works with the ESU-2400 Series of electrosurgical unit analyzers to test the CONMED System 2450 and System 5000 electrosurgical unit generators. There are three pieces to the kit, including a port adapter, 3” jumper cable and the Monopolar Handpiece Simulator.

The port adapter that is included allows test leads with standard safety jacks to connect to the CONMED Systems 2450 and 5000 model generator’s combination monopolar output.

The Monopolar Handpiece Simulator is a new accessory for the ESU-2400 Series that allows technicians to safely and automatically perform leakage measurements. This works by triggering and measuring handpiece activated leakage measurements, without manually shorting the monopolar output terminals. One of the major benefits of automated testing with the Monopolar Handpiece Simulator is that the ESU-2400’s autosequences record measurements and produce a report once the sequence is complete. A technician doesn’t need to manually record each measurement and doesn’t have to worry about accidentally skipping a step.

BC Group designed the CONMED PM Kit specifically for use with the ESU-2400 Series. It is required if a user wants to properly perform PM autosequences on the CONMED System 2450 and 5000 using an ESU-2400 or ESU-2400H. The ESU-2400 Series PM autosequences are important for biomedical technicians because it provides faster and automated testing.


Learn more about the CONMED PM Kit at




Create Autosequences From a PC or Laptop Using BC Group’s New Safety Analyzer


BC Group International has released its newest model of safety analyzer, the SA-2500. The SA-2500 was created to fill the need for a more capable and user friendly safety analyzer with AC + DC measurement. The new analyzer is a portable, durable instrument and has advanced testing abilities.

The SA-2500 includes all the usual features of a standard safety analyzer, including line voltage measurement, earth/ground lead resistance/leakage current, point-to-point testing, enclosure/chassis leakage current, external resistance and external leakage current. The SA-2500 has a universal power supply compatible with line voltages from 90-240 VAC with load currents up to 16 amps.  All measurements are true RMS readings. The SA-2500 includes a variety of other features that separate it from traditional safety analyzers, including...

Separate Measurements for AC + DC

With microprocessor-based technology, the SA-2500 is able to separate and measure the AC and DC signals. But why would you need to measure AC and DC?  Analyzers that can measure AC and DC separately have an advantage because some test limits are different for AC or DC currents.  Without separating the measurements and getting specific results, the worst case scenario must be assumed. 

Measures Quality of Insulation ­­­

The SA-2500 also has the ability to measure the quality of insulation of a product’s power wiring.  This feature ensures that the insulation of internal wiring is intact and ensures a safe resistance between the power wiring and any exposed metal parts. 

Remote Operation with Printable Reports

The SA-2500 can be controlled remotely from a PC or laptop, which allows users to control measurements and test sequences. Through the Remote Operation, users are also able to produce reports ­­­and print results from a computer.  The Remote Control Software allows the user to generate automated test sequences, providing for repeatable and consistent test procedures that can be shared or sent to technicians as needed. 

The SA-2500 is the newest model of safety analyzer with progressive technology at a competitive price. For more information about the SA-2500 or for purchasing information visit the online store at or speak to a sales representative at (314) 638-3800.




Meet the Newest Device Designed to Safely Activate Cut and Coag


The Monopolar Handpiece Simulator (part number BC20-03005) is the newest accessory released for the ESU-2400 and ESU-2400H Electrosurgical Analyzers. This simulator is the safest way to test electrosurgical generators by replacing the electrosurgical handpiece (pencil). The Monopolar Handpiece Simulator is built to work just like the pencil, but uses internal relays to activate cut and coagulation (coag). Since it is controlled by the ESU-2400 or ESU-2400H, this simulator also allows further automated testing of more electrosurgical generators than ever before.

Using the same connector and wiring as a standard two-button electrosurgical pencil, the Monopolar Handpiece Simulator can safely activate the cut and coag output. Until now, biomedical technicians have had to activate the handpiece cut and coag power by inserting insulated jumpers into the monopolar output ports. This dangerous method can severely burn biomedical technicians. This harmful situation is easily avoided by using BC Biomedical’s new simulator.

The Monopolar Handpiece Simulator is a versatile instrument, designed for use with any electrosurgical generator that utilizes a standard three-pin monopolar port for electrosurgical pencils. Compatible models include:

• Conmed System 5000
• Conmed System 2450
• Coviden ForceTriad™
• Covidien ForceFx
• Bovie Generators



GBIS 2015 Technical Conference


St. Charles, Mo. — August 10, 2015 — Join BC Group’s VP of Business Development, Mike Clotfelter, for the Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society’s (GBIS) annual Technical Conference. This event will cover product demos, networking opportunities, professional development and more. The Technical Conference will be held at the Children’s Healthcare Office Park in Atlanta on August 15th.

For biomedical technicians, students and corporate members, the Technical Conference is free. For non-members, there is a $450 fee, which includes membership to the GBIS society. Prior to the conference, there will be a free Meet and Greet Event which will award several door prizes. Then, during the Technical Conference, there will be classes and guest speaker Dr. Jeffrey Smoot.

Dr. Smoot has an Associates in Electronics Technology and Biomedical Technology, Bachelors in Information Technology, MBA in Healthcare Management/Project Management and is a Certified Scrum Master. He has been trained in leadership skills through the Dale Carnegie Institute and he has earned a PhD in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University. Dr. Smoot is also the founder and Chief Scientist/Researcher at Interactive Healthcare Designs. He is an Edison Medical Innovations participant and a professor in Healthcare Informatics at Trident University International.

The conference will have over 100 attendees and 30 vendors, including the BC Group. BC Group will be displaying several popular products at the vendor exhibit, including electrosurgical unit analyzers, NIBP simulators, safety analyzers and ultrasound leakage testers.

For more information about the event, including registration and schedule of events, visit


BC Group Attends 2015 CABMET Symposium

St. Charles, Mo. — July, 28, 2015 — This year, join BC Group at the annual Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CABMET) Symposium on Jul. 31 through Aug. 1. The CABMET Symposium will be held at the Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colo. Learn about the latest in biomedical technology and network with professionals in the industry. Also enjoy a Happy Hour, Poker Tournament and Golf Tournament.

BC Group will feature a wide variety of products, including electrosurgical unit (ESU) analyzers, ultrasound leakage testers, safety analyzers, defibrillator analyzers and more. This includes the revolutionary ESU-2400H, the fastest and most accurate electrosurgical unit analyzer available. The ESU-2400H boasts 1% accuracy with a crest factor of 500. Familiarize yourself with the only ESU analyzer that meets the factory testing requirements of the Covidien ForceTriad™. Meet with the BC Group representative at the CABMET Symposium, the VP of Sales and Marketing, Ken O’Day to learn more about the BC Group line of biomedical test equipment.

The symposium is sponsored by BC Group, as well as Advanced Ultrasound Electronics, GMI, AAMI, Technation, RSTI and more. Sponsors will be featured in the product exhibit.

For more information about the event, including location, visit the BC Group Events page.


BC Group Attends MD Imaging Expo

St. Charles, Mo. — July 15, 2015 — This year, join BC Group at the 2nd annual MD Imaging Expo in booth 102. The expo will take place Jul. 22-24 at the JW Marriot in Indianapolis. The MD Imaging Expo brings all of the most advanced imaging experts to one place to teach attendees about what’s new in imaging technology. There will be exhibits, presentations and plenty of networking opportunities. There are 36 different company exhibits at the expo with 13 different seminars. BC Group will be at the entrance of the expo with a product exhibition.

At the 2015 MD Imaging Expo, BC Group will be exhibiting its ultrasound leakage testers. The ULT-2020 is BC Group’s newest and most advanced ultrasound leakage tester. The ULT line is designed to test the electrical safety of all types of diagnostic transducers although it’s specifically recommended for testing TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiography) transducers prior to each use. The use of the ULT-2020 will make any hospital become IAC compliant.

Effective Dec. 31, 2015, the IAC standards and guidelines for Adult Echocardiography Accreditation state that the structure and electrical reliability of ultrasound transducers must be checked between each use. A PASS or FAIL must be documented with routine cleaning, along with actions taken if the machine fails. To help with the transition to a new era of patient safety, BC Group offers the ULT-2020. The ULT-2020 offers a simple PASS/FAIL Mode and a Quantitative Mode for detailed results. Visit us online or at the MD Imaging Expo to learn more.


Today Governor Nathan Deal signed a declaration to mark May 17-23 as Healthcare Technology Management week in Georgia. Kristi Boyce and Mike Clotfelter joined several other Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society members to celebrate this event.



About the company

BC Group was founded in 1988. The company was formed as a sales and service organization to handle the test equipment needs of the worldwide biomedical engineering community. Over the past 20 years BC Group has grown to include over 75 Product Lines with thousands of products.

Originally, BC Group sold only test equipment manufactured by other companies. Then, in 2000, we began a program of both manufacturing and private-labeling our own products under the now familiar Green and Gold "BC Biomedical" label.

In January of 2005, Lloyd Industries, the company that engineered and manufactured most of the BC Biomedical brand products, purchased BC Group. This acquisition has provided BC Group with the engineering and manufacturing resources to expand at an even faster pace. BC Group, under the "BC Biomedical" brand, is now one of the largest manufacturers of Biomedical Test and Measurement Equipment in the world.

Our “One Stop Biomed Shop” theme sums up our business. Our model is to provide, in one location, all of the equipment, tools and supplies that the Biomed Community might need. We not only offer an extensive listing of test equipment manufactured by us and our many partners, but we also provide labels, cables and everything in-between.



GBIS Workshop

Savannah, GA - Candler Hospital
May 27, 2014

MD Expo

Las Vegas, NV
Aug 9, 2014


Columbia, SC - Yates Conference Center
May 9, 2014


Philadelphia, PA
May 30- June 2, 2014


Riverdale, GA - Southern Regional Hospital
Aug 15-16, 2014


Denver, CO
Aug 15-16, 2014

CEAI 5th Annual Conference

Oak Brook, IL
Aug 20 - 22nd, 2014


Concord, NC
Sept 2-5, 2014


Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN
Sept 10-12, 2014


Milwaukee, WI
Sep 22-25, 2014

Virginia Biomedical Association

Richmond, VA


Nashville, TN
Oct 14-15, 2014

MD Expo / FBS

Orlando, FL
Oct 1-3, 2014

No East Conference

Mystic,  CT
Nov 4th - 6th, 2014

About Mike the man behind the company

Mike Clotfelter is the VP of Business Development for BC Group International. He started with the company in 1999 and has well over 25 years of experience in our industry. Mike’s history as both an end user and product provider gives him an invaluable point of view that he has used to help hundreds of members of the biomed community. This perspective helped to form, develop and improve the products manufactured and distributed by BC Group, helping to develop their “one size does not fit all” concept, bringing a broader selection of products to the field.

During his tenure at BC Group, Mike has focused on the development of major account and new opportunities. He has cultivated many new markets and product lines for BC over the years, identifying need and opportunity and putting in the sweat needed to help a business grow. His efforts account for a large part of the over 400% increase in sales BC has experienced in the last 10 years.

For nearly 15 years, Mike worked at Datex-Ohmeda where he managed the Vaporizer Calibration Lab, Metrology Lab, Mechanical Equipment Service Center as well as the tools and test equipment for their Field Service Engineers. His foundation in quality has been instrumental in BC Group’s own quality efforts, combining simple solutions with a drive for continual improvement. Mike has been a key player in the implementation of the ISO 9000, ISO 17025, ANSI Z540 and ISO 13485 quality systems at BC Group.

Mike possess a wealth of knowledge in both the Med Gas and Anesthesia fields, resulting in a rare skill set which he uses on a daily basis to counsel technicians faced with an ever expanding list of responsibilities and modalities. His focus on finding the right tool for the job has saved many departments from making some very expensive mistakes when purchasing new equipment. Over the years, many have found themselves pleasantly surprised by Mike as he talks them out of buying unneeded and expensive features or remind them of that small but critical item that would have cost them a week that they didn’t have.

Mike has been very devoted to supporting local and state biomed societies, trade shows and helping biomeds with any problems they encounter. You can always count on Mike for answers.

GBIS is very proud to award BC Group the 2012 Vendor of the Year Award.

-Horace Hunter, Executive Director


Prior Events

BC Group formally introduced the new ESU-2400 full-featured electrosurgery (ESU) analyzer at the 2009 AAMI Exposition in Baltimore, MD. The new ESU-2400 will be shipping in the 3rd Quarter of 2009. The ESU-2400 shatters all previous limitations for high-end electrosurgery analyzers, and provides a level of technology and capability never before available. For more information, simply call us or e-mail your questions to . You can also download several informational documents on our new ESU-2400 in PDF format at the following links:

šESU-2400 Product Overview Document
šMay 2009 Medical dealers Magazine Article on the ESU-2400

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